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Water Heater Repair and Installation

When it comes to hot water in our homes, having a correctly functioning water heater is essential!

From relaxing hot showers for the family to doing laundry and washing dishes, a working water heater is vital for your daily comfort and convenience. However, just like most household appliances, water heaters can experience issues over time that disrupt your daily activities. A water heater repair or replacement could be necessary. At Jim Ando Plumbing, we understand the importance of having a reliable water heater and the challenges homeowners face. In this blog post, we will provide some valuable insights on water heater repair and installation so that you can make an informed decision to maintain optimal performance of your water heater.

Some common water heater issues:

  1. Insufficient Hot Water

    If your water heater is not producing enough hot water or if you only get lukewarm water, the issue could be a faulty thermostat, broken heating element, sediment buildup, or a damaged dip tube.

  2. Weird Noises

    Popping, banging, or rumbling noises from your water heater could be indications of a sediment buildup that can significantly reduce efficiency and could damage the unit over time.

  3. Water and Leaks

    If you see water around the exterior of your water heater, that is a clear indication of trouble! Leaks can be caused by several things including loose connections, a leaking valve, or a corroded tank.

  4. Nasty Smells and Odors

    If you notice foul smells coming from your hot water, there is a possibility of bacterial growth inside the water heater tank. This can be remedied with proper cleaning and disinfection.

Water Heater Repair Tips

While some minor water heater issues and be addressed with DIY methods, it is always advisable to look for professional assistance to ensure safety and to prevent further damage. Licensed and experienced plumbers, like the team at Jim Ando Plumbing, can diagnose and fix complex problems to ensure your water heater is efficient and reliable. Here are some of the common repairs that our team of professional plumbers provide:

  1. Flushing the Tank

    Buildup of sediment affects the performance of your water heater. A plumber can flush the tank to remove sediment and increase the lifespan of your water heater.

  2. Fixing Leaks

    Leaks can damage your water heater, your home, and everything that water comes into contact with. Leaks can also cause an increase in energy consumption. A plumber can locate the source of the leak and either repair or replace the damaged components.

  3. Replacing Faulty Components

    A trained and experienced plumber can identify and replace thermostats, heating elements, valves and dip tubes that have gone bad to restore optimal functionality.

  4. Repairing Gas Lines

    Gas water heaters require specialized knowledge to perform safe repairs! A plumber can diagnose and fix gas leaks and line issues to keep you safe and your water hot.

Water Heater Installation

Hiring an experienced, professional plumber is key to any water heater installation. They can help ensure that the water heater is properly sized, compliant with local building codes, and set up for optimal performance. Here’s why professional installation for water heaters is important:

  1. Correct Sizing

    A trained plumber can assess your household’s hot water supply demand and recommend a water heater that correctly meets the need. Installing an undersized water heater can lead to inadequate supply, while installing too large of a water heater can waste energy, decrease efficiency, and cost you more than it should.

  2. Compliance with Building Codes

    Professional plumbers know the local building codes and regulations. They can make sure your new water heater is installed correctly and meets safety and compliance standards for your area.

  3. Proper Ventilation

    Gas and some other tankless water heaters require proper ventilation to prevent buildup of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide. A plumber will ensure the correct venting system is used.

  4. Warranty and Longevity

    Professional installation will often include warranties on the unit, labor and parts. This offers important peace-of-mind and ensures your water heater will operate efficiently and last longer.


Water heater repair and installation is a job best left to skilled professionals. If your water heater is having issues and needs some TLC…or if you are considering a new water heater install, hiring a licensed plumber is the wisest choice.