Residential Leak Detection & Repair


Signs You Have a Water Leak

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, call a water leak detection company like Jim Ando Plumbing right away for a quick solution:

  • Hearing the sound of rushing water in your walls
  • Cold spots on the floor or walls
  • Water stains on the wall or floors
  • Mold growth in your home
  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • Pooling water anywhere in your home

All these signs point to a definite water leak problem in your home. To reduce the potential water damage, quick action is required.

How We Detect Water Leaks

At Jim Ando Plumbing, we use several leak detection methods that range from advanced technology to tried and true industry standards. Our leak detection methods include:

  • Meter Testing: By testing the water pressure in your pipe and comparing it to a healthy pipe, we can determine if there is a leak present.
  • Dig and Drill: This method involves digging and drilling to expose the potential leak. It’s beneficial because it means once we found the leak, the area is already excavated, ready for a repair.
  • Infrared Camera: We use an infrared camera to look inside the walls and take pictures of the pipes at multiple angles to spot the leak.
Why Choose Jim Ando Plumbing

You can count on us for fast response and turnaround times. We have a wide service area including nearly all of Buffalo and Western New York, and an expert team of trained and certified plumbing professionals.

Get water leaks in your home detected and repaired before they become a huge problem with extensive water damage. Book an appointment with our expert technicians in Buffalo, NY by calling 716-771-3601.