Commercial Water Heater Services in Buffalo, NY

Common Water Heater Repairs

While water heaters are designed to work reliably and efficiently for many years, ultimately they will wear out. Some of the most common water heater repairs a property owner will experience include:

Thermostat Problems
The thermostat controls the temperature of the hot water. If it fails, you’ll be left with no control of the water temperature.

Electrical Malfunctions
Today’s modern water heaters rely on electrical components. When those fail, you’re often left without hot water.

Physical Damage
Dents and cracks to the water heater or water tank require help from a professional water heater contractors. In most cases, we recommend replacing the damaged unit to prevent leaking or corrosion.

Is it Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

Often, building owners try to avoid installing a new water heater in order to save money. However, many don’t realize that continuing to use an old, inefficient water heater might actually be costing them more. In most cases, replacing an old and malfunctioning water heater is actually more cost-effective that opting for repair service.

If your water heater is continuously breaking down and needing repair, consider installing a new unit to save you money. Additionally, you will likely save money with the installation of a newer, most energy-efficient model. We recommend that all water heaters that are 10-15 years old be replaced.