Residential Backflow Services

Backflow prevention is an important service for homeowners to consider to prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations.

It occurs when there’s a service disruption in your main water line and the flow of water reverses. There are many things that can cause it to occur, but they are most commonly caused by an interruption in service due to a power outage or instance where the water pressure goes below a certain level.

Backflow can be a potentially dangerous situation because when the flow reverses, as it can carry contaminated water into your home. In many cases, its specifically dangerous because the contaminated water looks and smells exactly like regular water – you may not even be aware its contaminated.

Backflow Prevention

Homeowners should consider installing a backflow prevention device. These devices are installed in your main water line, and consist of a flap that remains open when the flow of water is going in the right direction. As soon as the water direction changes, the flap closes over the line, stopping contaminated water from entering your home.

Backflow Certification and Testing

Sometimes, these devices don’t work as they should. If you suspect that’s the case, contact Jim Ando Plumbing to inspect your backflow device to make sure its working effectively. We also test your water to make sure it is not already contaminated. If contamination has occurred, a company like Jim Ando can flush out the plumbing system until it’s clean and safe again.